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I am basically a qualified (B.E.) and experienced civil engineer. I joined Railways as Assistant Engineer and retired from the post of Chief Engineer. I developed interest in the Astrology when some person gave indication of problems in child birth during the marriage of my son. I started reading books available on this subject and developed further interest in Astrology. I wrote a book named "Falit Jyotish" which gives principal guide lines for collecting information and using them in taking up various decisions in life.

Astrology is an art of interpreting the influence of planets on human beings and is based on the Karma Theory. Every individual is born with different thought processes. Karmas are produced when the thoughts are put into actions. Karmas can be good/bad depending on the types of good/bad thoughts. There is a belief that the planets occupy a position in the birth chart as per birth time which may be connected with the deeds of our past lives. These planetary positions give account of the activities likely to take place in the life of the person.

Astrology is divided into two portions, first is the preparation of birth chart and obtaining the planetary periods which is based on the mathematics, and second is the Prediction. The predictions in the Astrology are based on the strength of the planets and the houses. It is not possible to calculate the exact strength of Houses/Planets mathematically for all influences. The predictions therefore will be based on the judgment of the Asrologer in assessing the strength of the Planets/Houses. The predictions on the life of a particular person by different Astrologers therefore may vary from person to person as per their assessment of the strength of various planets in the chart. This explains the reasons for generating different predictions in the Computer Programs prepared by different Astrologers.

The predictions given by the Astrologer should therefore be considered as an approximate assessment and not the accurate happenings in the life of a person. Science and Astrology are two different subjects. Science is based on the actual calculations whereas the Predictions in the Astrology are based on the assessment. The comparison between two subjects is therefore unnecessary.

I feel that in current times with the fast pace of life, the information collected through astrological net-work can be accepted as one of the information, and not the only information needed in taking decisions in performing various activities during the life span of human beings. Astrology reveals the positive and negative traits and also the information on various other activities like education, marriage, service, good and bad periods etc. likely to take place in the life of an individual. The available positive and negative information when used with little intelligence can convert opportunities to ones advantage. This explains the utility of Astrology in the life of human beings.

Suggestions of readers are invited on this subject for incorporating their views if considered appropriate.

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